It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord – always.  I recall the song we used to sing based upon Psalms 92:1 KJV. This song came to mind when I began writing this today.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord,

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord,

and to sing praises unto Thy name,

O most High.

Today has been a good day and I am so thankful to God for it. .  I am  thankful to have a day of feeling accomplished (with nothing in particular) as well as feeling energetic (somewhat) and that it has been just a plain good day.  We have so many ups and downs here at our home that when a really good day comes it really is an occasion to be thankful.

I am no longer required to work on Fridays until next October, giving me SO much more free time.  Last summer during this season, I found an exercise called Wholyfit.  Here is their mission statement …

…to inspire, enliven and heal through movement, worship and the Word of God, in order to build up the Body of Christ, protect the purity of the Bride of Christ and reveal God’s love to the world through Jesus, The Prince of Peace, to whom belongs all dominion, and power and authority on earth as it is in heaven.

I enjoyed it a lot last year so I wanted to do it again this summer.  This is the 3rd Friday of not working so I figured I had better get moving or I wouldn’t.  Wow, I had forgotten the moves to the verses that I had learned last summer.  I had  a quick refresher. Nothing like a good workout for me … that comes so rare.  Pray that I continue my motivation to go to class over the course of the summer months.

I did go to work for a couple hours … after taking the most relaxing time off earlier in the week, I had some work that had to get done today, so I figured a couple hours in the office wouldn’t be too bad.

I got home from work, Haile was home from school on a early release day.  We went to pick up her new glasses with the instructions to hang on to these ones. Afterwards we went to a lot of garage sales.  We were looking for Haile some summer clothes and hopefully a love seat hide-a-bed for the family room.  We didn’t find a love seat, we found a couple pieces of clothing and a bunch of other stuff.  For someone not wanting to go to garage sales, Haile sure found a bunch of stuff. We bought a few videos for her to watch.

The sun has been shining all day! Makes a beautiful day for garage sales. Tomorrow is the big grand slam and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

Being that the weather is so beautiful today, we grilled out.  Pork chops on the grill, baked potatoes on the grill and grilled cabbage.  Grilled cabbage sounds so weird but was actually pretty good.  Put the cabbage in a metal pan or foil and sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder and Parmesan cheese on it.  Make sure to put butter in the pan as well. Pretty good recipe. Dishes are done, kitchen cleaned up and Haile and Dale are off doing Mother’s Day stuff.

So I can sit and relax … sun shining in the window … house quiet … with a heart of thanksgiving for the day God has given me.