Today is Father’s Day.  How thankful I am to have a Godly father and a great Christian upbringing.              Happy Father’s Day, Dad!Image

These past few months have been rough on our family.  My dad was very sick and had been in either the hospital or the rehab center for 2+ months. He was not good.  We weren’t sure if he would make it.  We are so very thankful to see how God had carried him through and brought him back home to us.  Praise God for his healing touch.

I found it very difficult being in Michigan, while he was in Tennessee.  I wanted so much to go visit him.  When he first went in the hospital, we had plans to go north for Easter to visit our son.  I had 2 weekends available before my scheduled surgery to go away, but no available money to go both ways – north and south.

We were trusting God for his healing hand for dad.   It took time and doctors, but eventually dad was able to go back home.

How thankful today that he is now back at home and looks great!  I look forward to the day when I am able to visit Tennessee and see both my mom and dad again.  How thankful I am for a God who walks beside us and carries us through rough times in our lives.

I praise God today for …

  1.  a God that brought my dad back to health..
  2.  a God who carried my mom through this difficult time.
  3.  a brother and sister-in-law who are close by and able to help mom and dad when they are needed
  4.  God allowing mom and dad to move from Texas to Tennessee shortly before this took place, which   allowed them to be close by my brother,
  5.  being an awesome God, who is always good and is full of grace.

Thank you God for my family and being close to us during difficult time.