I wasn’t able to get a lot of de-cluttering done this week either.  Back to work with my foot up at night.  Did get more digital de-cluttering.

The office is technically closed on Friday, so I worked from home. I also spent the day doing laundry and going through paperwork in my family room.

Today  ended up going to Battle Creek again to work on Dale’s mom’s house.  Scraping and painting a few door frames and a few window frames, fixing a few plugs, fixing a part on the water heater … hopefully that is all that we need to fix.  Cleaned another room cleaned. Unfortunately brought more stuff home, but not as much as we have in the past. This time we brought cleaning supplies, medical supplies, paint and other misc. things.

Along with the house work we had to find a notary. Never fun when you have to go travel an hour to get there.  Never helps when you don’t get an early start.  I called the bank near his mom and they said that notaries are at all of their branches every day.  We got there 5 minutes before closing.  Nope, no notary there. Another branch was open for a couple more hours.  We made it there.  Enjoyed lunch with Dale’s mom, spent a little time at her apartment and then went to get the work done. It did not take as long as I thought it would have. We were able to head home by 7:30.  Definitely an earlier night home from Battle Creek.

However I think I did too much on my foot today.  I am having a very sore foot tonight.

Hopefully I can get back to more de-cluttering this next week.